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Reflections: Deep and slow

For the whole of August I have been - I hesitate to say unwell - feeling different to usual. It began with waking one night with an excruciating headache and even when that cleared I felt dizzy or light-headed and with numbness around my lips and face.

You don't need to hear all the details, and as I write to you now I am feeling almost back to my normal self physically. On another level I feel there.have been profound insights.

I wrote these words on 2nd August 

“Yesterday, as I was lying on a hospital bed, about to have a lumbar puncture to double check that I had not had a bleed in the brain, I decided to call on Source, and specifically my connection with the ocean.

I immediately received a wonderful sense of being supported. I heard the sound of the song of the humpback whales, and saw images of them floating in the water between the ocean depths and the surface. So graceful and such huge creatures.
I had my eyes shut and the sun light was streaming through the window so the colour through my eyelids was red/orange. And - I saw a huge whale's eye looking at me with such love and tenderness.”

Interestingly, the day I was at the hospital, there was a humpback whale spotted off the coast of Cornwall, not that far from where I was. This is not uncommon, but rare to get photos and video. Here is a link to the 'Lone Kayaker' blog.

All the tests were negative and I was discharged the same day. Since then I have experienced the side-effects from the lumbar puncture I was warned about, especially terrible headaches (ironic as the doctor said), which are only eased by lying flat. I have been communing with the whales while doing that and received a message: “Deep and slow.”

"Deep and slow" has needed to be my mantra for this month as I have felt the need for lots of rest, and to literally slow down, to do less, to choose carefully. I have done very little writing, although I feel that this experience will be part of my book, a key section in fact. I have been deliberating whether to push ahead and aim for publication in November as I have planned. Or whether to wait a while, take my time, allow the deep and slow process to continue some more.

Deep and slow. Deep and slow. The whales, along with dolphins and porpoises, are often present around our coast here in Cornwall. And yet, they are rarely seen. Knowing the whales are there somewhere in the depths, and knowing how far they travel around the world, is humbling for me. My journey down with the whales has been - and continues to be - a meditation. Another type of magic carpet ride, a visualisation journey. The difference for me in this recent experience has been that the images arose so unexpectedly, from the depths of my subconscious maybe, as I lay there asking for help.

Reflections: Appreciation
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Reflections: Appreciation

For me, appreciation seems to add even more depth to gratitude. Listing the things I am grateful for is a beautiful practice. When I add exactly why I am grateful for those things, it encourages me to think more deeply. To think about exactly what it is that I appreciate about them.

I appreciate the beauty of these extraordinary flowers. I took the photo at the Eden Project a year or so ago. When I shared it on my Facebook page people told me what they were known as (spider lilies), and some friends have them growing in their gardens in Australia. Knowing these facts and sharing with others, helped me to appreciate them even more deeply.


Reflections: Adventure

Right now I am in the middle of finalising arrangements for a big adventure, my first visit to New Zealand since 2006, and the first travelling by myself since 1976. A chance to spend time with all the people in my family who live there.

Lots of arrangements to make and decisions to take. The array of choices on-line can be totally discombobulating for me. (ha! I love that word 'discombobulating', and so rarely get to use it!). Luckily I recently met a travel expert at a local networking event where she was the guest speaker, so I have been working with her to simplify it for me and get the best deal possible. The flights are now booked, with just a few details to slot into place later.

Now I can relax and enjoy the anticipation of my adventure, which will begin in November, just after the last workshop of the year here in Cornwall, on 17th. 

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Time-sensitive June Dare to Blossom Mastermind Group

I am putting this first just in case it is of interest to you, as the group opens on 31st May, and new registrations for June close on 3rd June. The regular events slot is towards the end of the newsletter as usual.

Dare to Blossom Mastermind Group June The flow through the year following the Compass Rose brings us to the East pointing petal of the Power Flower in June. In the words of the poem: "From the East comes the rising sun: passion, potential." The group is already gathering and we begin with the first group call on Zoom on 10.00 am UK time on 31st May. Registration is open until Monday 3rd June, so there is still time to join us.

There are now two spaces not yet taken, maybe one of them is for you? It matters not at all where in the year you join the process for the first time, or even if you drop in for one Circle and come back later whenever you feel the time is again right for you. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to know more. 

Reflections: Presence

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Reflections: Presence

Being present, being in the moment, simply being - these are all ways in which I focus in order to feel I am truly connecting with my life, and with the people around me in each moment. As the saying goes, the past has gone, the future may never come, all we have is this, this moment.

In a recent coaching session with Amy Palko, part of the conversation was about purpose. I work with this concept with many of my own coaching clients, and with people in the groups I support. I often say, to them and to myself, what if my purpose is simply to be, to be me?

Amy suggested looking at purpose as 'presence'. Reflecting on this, a memory returned from when I was young. At one time I somehow believed that when I was not physically visible to people they would forget me. Maybe many children experience this? Maybe that is part of what 'attention-seeking' could be about, a need to be seen, to be reassured they are not forgotten by their parents?

I think I soon learned that my parents wouldn't forget me, yet the feeling persisted later in life, when I would be surprised when someone I had met once remembered me. As an illustration of how the opposite can be true, last year I was told by an ex-colleague that she found it hard to believe we hadn't seen each other for two years, 'when you seem such a strong presence.' That comment had a big impact on me, helping me to realise that my actions, my words, and simply being myself, can all have ripple effects that I will usually never know.

Reflections: Celebration
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Reflections: Celebration

There are lots of things to celebrate in my life. This last week I have been enjoying the arrival of spring here in Cornwall. After what seemed like weeks of grey, cold weather with rain and gales, the sun has been shining. The air has been cold, with frost at night in some areas, and the sun pleasantly warm during the day. The wild flowers on the cliffs are beginning to blossom - the white bladder campion, and just a few of the pink of the thrift that will soon be in full glorious bloom.