Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

Magic CarpetAt this time of midsummer magic, would you like to join us for a focused five weeks together on-line to journey through your dreams on your magic carpet? Following the tried-and-tested flow of the Dare to Blossom Power Flower, starting at the centre point with Peace, and unfurling one petal a week, this is a concentrated version of the year-long Dare to Blossom into Joy Mastermind. This group has been flowing through the months together, growing in connection, support, insights and personal power as the year unfolds.

For the last three years, I have brought people together in Circle for a Midsummer Magic Carpet Ride - will you be with us this time? There is a free introductory group call on Monday 21 May at 7.30 pm UK time. Contact me to book a place or arrange to talk privately before then (Early Bird price ends on 31 May.)

Before we begin you will be invited in to a private, secret Facebook group to settle in and get to know your fellow magic carpet travellers. Each week begins with a group call on Zoom video-conferencing, on Monday evening at 7.30 pm UK time. You will be offered prompts and suggestions for journaling and exploration for the theme of each week, and a structure to the flow of each of week day.

All the details are below, make sure you read on if you would like to take this up at the Early Bird price, a saving of £50.

This poem describes in a different way what you will receive if you join us. Listen here on Soundcloud: 


flower with wordsM GloryTake a day out for yourself to spend time in a supportive group and explore your inner wisdom and step further into your own power as we unfurl the Dare to Blossom Power Flower. We will use tried and tested processes of sharing 'Rediscovery Card' prompts,  writing, guided 'Magic Carpet Ride' visualisations, plus lots of laughter and maybe a few tears. 

As we focus on each part of the flower, from grounding in the centre point of Peace, and then each petal at a time - through Purpose, Passion, Power and Peace - you will receive insights and inspiration. Often very practical, sometimes profoundly moving.

I have been working with this process for some time now, for myself and with others - rediscovering and reconnecting with our inner wisdom is the first stage, and stepping into our power within seems the logical next step. To bring our wisdom to the world. 

Read on to book a place for yourself or bring a friend to receive a discount.

Welcome, welcome. This page contains details of the 2018 On-line Mastermind Circle, "Stepping into Your Power". If you are looking for the workshops, make sure you click on the main 'Workshops and Events' tab, and then simply scroll down to see all the details of where you can join an event in person.

Resa has described her experiences in a video (just 2.23 minutes of your time.)

As Resa so beautifully describes, the trial Mastermind Circle in November 2017 brought so many gifts to those of us involved, I could not have imagined the magic that would be created when I set out the programme for our month together.

The most frequent comment was "Oh, I don't want this to end!". The live group meetings on Zoom videoconferencing, connected us, literally scattered around the globe from Australia, the USA, to the UK, and enabled us to feel as if we were in the room together, and we all agree that the real magical transformations happened in those calls.

FlyingWe are now moving into the third  Mastermind Circle of 2018, Passion, the east-pointing petal. Full of the potential of a fresh new day as the sun rises. Whether you are in the north or the south of our globe, this month encompasses an equinox. Mid-summer in the north, mid-winter in the south. Wherever you start in the cycle, it is the perfect point for you.

The question for this month is about why? Why do you do what you do? Why do people respond to you and your work? In our live group calls in April this came up as a topic. Do we need to know why we do what we do? Or is it useful to know why people are drawn to what we do? For me one key to the answers to both these questions is about passion: my passion for my life in general. My passion for the people I work with - the way that they blossom and flourish when they begin to rediscover their own inner wisdom. When the come home to themselves. When they begin to step into their own power within. When they dare to bossom.

We will gently explore and unfurl as we journey together through the month, receiving insights from our own inner wisdom. The Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards help us with this, as does the deep process of the Magic Carpet Ride visualisations.

To try a magic carpet ride, click on the icon below to listen to a recording.

Magic Carpet Small

Join us to for one or all these dates, each is self-contained as well as part of a whole. Continuing the tried and tested process, we will share magic carpet ride creative visualisations, writing exercises, discussion, laughter - all those ingredients that people tell me make big breakthroughs possible for them. The freedom of the imagery of the magic carpet, combined with the Rediscovery Cards will allow you to experience a reconnection with your intuition, your inner wisdom.

During 2017 we explored unleashing the power within using the Dare to Blossom Power Flower - allow your petals to gradually unfurl. In 2018 we will again cycle through the points of the Power Flower, including the centre, and now we will intend to step fully into our power.flower with words

Six events, starting at 10 am and run through to 1 pm, on Saturdays every other month at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre. Full details and booking links to follow.

The price per workshop is £45. For regulars, or if you wish to sign up for the whole programme of six, there is a special rate of £30 per event. Contact me to arrange to pay by instalments for this option.

 7 July: Power - Stepping up Booking and more details

Power of the seaUnfurling the next petal in the flower - whether you have joined us before or are diving in for the first time - will be a glorious experience. Power - this petal is the South point of the compass, the foundation for everything as you choose to step into your power.

This half day workshop focuses on truly stepping up, into our power. Linking to the powers of nature. In the words of my poem "Compass Rose Speaks":

"South is the source of nature's powers.

The flowing rivers; the rising tides; the ever-changing oceans.

The wind that shapes the land.

The power that is arising in you."

Using the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards, flow-writing, guided magic carpet ride visualisations, along with sharing, laughter and quiet moments - you will find this workshop transformational as a stand-alone event and a strong grounding for further work together.