Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

9780955685422Now available -  my latest book, (my fifth) which has 'arrived' rather unexpectedly. Written originally as part of the bigger work that has been in progress for two years now, a self-guide to the Compass Rose coaching process.

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My recent journey to New Zealand brought insights and the impulse to make this a standalone book. Part of that was being asked to write a chapter for the HerStory Anthology of the Wellington Conference, where I gave a talk on the same theme. So this is an expansion of the words I wrote there which will be included in that book along with the stories of four other speakers at the event.

Also, the bigger book, provisional title "The Power of Your Compass Rose", that has been a work in progress for about two years, as some of you know, feels much more clear with the 'memoir' sections taken out and given their own place in this little book. Paving the way for me to get back to completing when the time is right.

I have also produced an ebook (pdf) - which has the added advantage of some of the photographs being in colour. Use the PayPal button below, or contact me to pay by bank transfer. Once you have purchased I will send it by email or Messenger.

Thank you Santina, for the beautiful photo review below, and to Suzi, Dawn, Patricia, Hilary and Trish for your words.

Published in November 2016, you will find full details on the page for the Rediscovery Cards 

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Creativity is the central point of a fulfilling life. People who feel they are 'not creative' are not seeing their true talents and potential: whether it is in fine art or creating a home; making a chair or mending a car; writing a book or listening deeply to a child; creating an efficient filing system or cooking a meal - creativity is life.

This is my first book specifically about coaching - and it took a while (and a lot of encouragement and cheer-leading from my own life coach) before I took the step to believing my words would have any relevance for someone else out there in the world.

Published in 2008, it is available via Lulu.com, in print or as an e-book.

Let me know if you would like a signed copy,  and a dedication if you wish tor yourself or as a gift. The price is £8.95 (postage and packing £2.20 in the UK, please ask for cost to ship elsewhere). image303

You can also purchase either the e-book version, or a printed copy via Lulu.com.

The book draws on my experience of using life coaching myself and with clients. I have combined this with exercises to encourage the reader to think creatively about how they would like their life to be – and then plan how to make this happen.

Jacky Pratt, a fellow life coach, was kind enough to read the manuscript for me and has written these comments: “Mary’s book is a fine balance between guidance and useful coaching exercises, with some lovely story-telling thrown in. She focuses on topics which are favourites of mine, like the value of gratitude and developing creativity, and she quotes many of my favourite authors. There is an inspirational section reflecting on her own personal journey from cancer to coaching. This is much more than just a ‘how to’ coaching book – it is a very readable story, benefiting greatly from the inclusion of her own personal learning from her coaching experience.”

Post publication reviews:

"This is a genuinely wonderful and practical book to help guide us all. What I love about it is the fact that it is packed with the personal experiences of the author and not a whole load of theory. What is also invaluable are the so many actions to each section of this book that help us move on and up. A brilliant book Mary - Thank you"
Richard Wilkins, UK Minister of Inspiration

"Mary writes with a simplicity and clarity that belies the wealth of wisdom her book contains. She shares generously from her own experience, and writes with a nurturing style without losing focus on pushing the reader to take practical action. Dare To Blossom can't fail to move you on."
Fraser Dyer, work consultant and author of Why Do I Do This Every Day?

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The new edition of my 2010 title 'Cervical Cancer: The Essential Guide', has now been published, with revisions and updating, as 'The Essential Guide to Cervical Cancer.'

The Need2Know website describes the book this way:

“Awareness of cervical cancer has grown in recent years and many women are looking to find out more. It is estimated that 3,000 women in the UK are diagnosed with the cancer each year.

This book aims to help women of all ages find out more about testing for cervical cancer, understanding how important it is to go for regular check-ups and overcoming the physical and emotional challenges cervical cancer can bring. Written in a sensitive, straightforward manner, the book guides women through the entire process from check- ups to diagnosis, treatment and aftercare. There is also an extensive list of sources of help and support. If you’re supporting a partner, daughter or friend through cervical cancer, or just want to know more about gynaecological health and check-ups, this guide will provide you with the sound, sensitive advice you need."

Click on the photo to order your copy.

Readers’ reviews of the first edition of this book:

Professional reviews

Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care

I was delighted to receive a photocopy from my publisher of a review of Cervical Cancer: The Essential Guide, written by Susan Quilliam
[in the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, Volume 36, Number 3, July 2010 , pp. 174-174(1)]

I bought Susan’s book Positive Smear many years ago when I was being treated and found the combination of expert knowledge and individual experiences extremely helpful. I was able to email her to express my appreciation for her writing, and for the review, which she has given me permission to quote. I have included it in full so as not to inadvertently change the meaning in any way.

Here is what she wrote:

“As someone who has had their own brush with CIN3, I am always on the lookout for good books aimed at those who want to inform and empower themselves around the issue of smear tests, positive smear results and cervical cancer. So I am delighted at this new addition to a currently under-resourced field. 

My first book, inspired by my own experiences. Since this was published in 1998, medical research has moved on and new treatments developed, I am pleased to say. The comments in the book on these are therefore now out of date. However, the stories of the women who contributed out of their wish to help others are as powerful and moving as ever. 

The words below are from the original publicity material:

Flying in the Face of Fear

‘It can happen to anyone’: 15 women tell of how they survived cervical cancer.

For anyone diagnosed with cancer, one of the first questions is: ‘Who can I talk to?’ When this happened to Mary Lunnen, she could find no one who had been through the same thing.

Now clear of cancer, Mary has compiled the stories of 14 other women with her own in this book, in which you can hear the voices of people going through treatment, as if talking with friends.