Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

'Compass Rose Speaks'

I am your Compass Rose. My centre point is Peace. Balancing, grounding.

Look up! Look North, to your Guiding Star. Your Purpose.

From the East comes the rising sun. Passion, potential.

South is the source of nature's powers. The flowing rivers, the rising tides, the ever-changing oceans. The wind that shapes the land. The power that is arising in you.

West is the land of the setting sun. Progressing forwards into the night. Anticipating the promise of a new day.

Return your attention to your centre point, Peace. Balanced, grounded.

I am your Compass Rose. 

© Mary Lunnen 2018

The words are the voice of your guidance system, your inner wisdom. I speak this piece in every online Dare to Blossom Group, in every coaching one to one, at every workshop. I have been asked to share a recording of this.

You can listen on Soundcloud here.