Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

autumn beech trees small 2The first cycle of this programme is in full flow, with those participating stepping gently into an exploration of their own powerful voice. The next turn around the circle, around the Compass Rose, begins on Monday 7th September, and again runs for six weeks, with Zoom gatherings each Thursday at 2.30 pm UK time

For many, me included, the idea of 'power', let alone having, and using, my powerful voice, is a challenge. Maybe downright terrifying. (As is 'daring to blossom' at times.) And so, in the Circle, we will step foreard together. A powerful process,  not simply an intellectual exercise; or a whimsical game - even if the visualisation with the title of 'Magic Carpet Ride' may seem so.

Indeed, it is a deep healing, and a blossoming. My coaching philosophy has always been start right here and take small steps, whilst acknowledging the past that has brought me to this place. Not to dwell in the past, but to acknowledge and to be grateful for the learning, and then let go. 

I have a one-session special for you to try this out if you prefer not to be in a group (or if you do not wish to wait until Spetember). For a deep dive,  one to one coaching is also at a special price at the moment, one third reduction. Why wait? If not now, then when?

Read more about the Autumn group circle by clicking the link below. The price is £88 for the six weeks, with a discount for previous participants. There is a free taster circle on Thursday 27th August at 2.30 pm. If you are on Facebook you can join the taster circle hereContact me to book the taster and/or the full programme. If you are ready to make your commitment to Your Powerful Voice now, you can use the PayPal button, or contact me to pay by bank transfer.

IMG 7354Using the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards, along with the ”Compass Rose Speaks” meditation and the Magic Carpet Ride Guided Visualisation,  with the weekly Zoom circles. We take a journey together: beginning in the centre point, in Peace. During the six weeks we then visit the North: Purpose, the East: Passion, the South: Power, the West: Progress, and then Return to Peace in the centre.

The full programme is below, after a chance to hear your own inner wisdom, the voice of your Compass Rose:

'Compass Rose Speaks'

I am your Compass Rose. My centre point is Peace. Balancing, grounding.

Look up! Look North, to your Guiding Star. Your Purpose.

From the East comes the rising sun. Passion, potential.

South is the source of nature's powers. The flowing rivers, the rising tides, the ever-changing oceans. The wind that shapes the land. The power that is arising in you.

West is the land of the setting sun. Progressing forwards into the night. Anticipating the promise of a new day.

Return your attention to your centre point, Peace. Balanced, grounded.

I am your Compass Rose. 

© Mary Lunnen 2018

“Your Powerful Voice” Circle Autumn 2020: a six week programme with Mary Lunnen of Dare to Blossom

Using the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards, along with the ”Compass Rose Speaks” meditation and the Magic Carpet Ride Guided Visualisation.

Taster Circle (free) Thursday 27th August at 2.30 pm UK time.

Week 1 Monday 7th September, Zoom Circle Thursday 10th September at 2.30 pm UK time

Listening to your inner voice: dropping into Peace

Week 2 Monday 14th September, Zoom Circle Thursday 17th September at 2.30 pm UK time

Connecting more deeply: exploring your Purpose

Week 3 Monday 21st September, Zoom Circle Thursday 24th September at 2.30 pm UK time

What is your message? Refreshing your Passion and finding the potential rising

Week 4 Monday 28th September, Zoom Circle Thursday 1st October at 2.30 pm UK time

Stepping into your Power: first for yourself

Week 5 Monday 5th October, Zoom Circle Thursday 8th October at 2.30 pm UK time

Aiming higher: Progressing forwards, using your voice

Week 6 Monday 12th October, Zoom Circle Thursday 15th October at 2.30 pm UK time

Remembering this is for you: return to Peace

Price: £88, payment by instalments if required. Discounts for previous participants.

The daily flow through each week

Monday: settle in, read the week’s theme and prompts, set an intention

Tuesday: the first group card for the week

Wednesday: mid-week check-in

Thursday: the second group card for the week, and our weekly Zoom gathering.

Friday: Reflections and celebrations